Hook & Loop Cable Ties

Model : VL

– The hook and loop material maintains network data integrity by protecting against over-tensioning of high performance copper and fiber cables.
– Low profile, one piece fastening device.
– Constructed of polyethylene hook and Polyamide loop, laminated back to back, this tie features quick release for repetitive access to cable and wire.
– Reusable, adjustable, releasable and easy to install.
– Its design provides ease of installation in tight areas such as telecommunications closets and will not get caught on other cables.
– Available in a variety of colors and are versatile enough for applications ranging from network installations to bundling power cords.

Material : Female side-PP, Male side-Polyamide
Color : Black, red, white,yellow, blue, and green

SKU VL Categories , Features:

Part.NoLengthWidthMax.Bundle Dia.operating temperature
VL-1251254.92120.47301.1885˚ C (185˚ F)-20˚ C(‘-4˚ F)
VL-1301305.12120.47321.2675˚ C (166˚ F)-20˚ C(‘-4˚ F)
VL-1351355.31120.47331.375˚ C (167˚ F)-20˚ C(‘-5˚ F)
VL-1551556.1120.47401.5875˚ C (168˚ F)-20˚ C(‘-6˚ F)
VL-1801857.28120.47491.9385˚ C (185˚ F)-20˚ C(‘-4˚ F)
VL-2102108.27120.47552.1785˚ C (185˚ F)-20˚ C(‘-4˚ F)
VL-31031012.21160.63853.3585˚ C (185˚ F)-20˚ C(‘-4˚ F)

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