Stainless Steel Buckle

Model :MLW-BK

– Applied with Stainless Steel Strapping
– 304SS hard steel, offers good resistance to oxidation and many moderate corrosive agents
– Wing style buckle to maintain a safe, secure connection for heavy duty applications.
– Utilized in general use banding applications
– Can hold a single or double wrapped band configuration
– Band clamps can be formed over any contour or shape

Material : SS304 / SS316
Color : Nature Color

Part.NoWidthoperating temperature
MLW-BK-3 Wing SealMax. Tie Width9.50.4500°C 932°F-80°C -112°F
MLW-BK-4 Wing SealMax. Tie Width12.70.5500°C 932°F-80°C -112°F
MLW-BK-5 Wing SealMax. Tie Width15.90.6500°C 932°F-80°C -112°F
MLW-BK-6 Wing SealMax. Tie Width190.7500°C 932°F-80°C -112°F

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