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The COVID-19 outbreak has posed some challenges and caused disruption of personal and business environments at all levels around the world. In response to the coronavirus pandemic, Giantlok is committed to the health and safety of its employees and families, while also meeting the obligations to our customers and communities.  

Giaintlik is continuously monitoring the evolving situation related to COVID-19. Our Business Continuity Plan has been tested and implemented in geographies impacted. To this end, we have taken proactive measures and implemented many changes to minimize the potential for infections in our employees while at the same time, limiting the disruption to our business. Measures and processes are in place to protect those working in the operations and to ensure they adhere strictly to “social distancing” and practice good personal hygiene.

The Business Continuity Plan includes:

Health & Safety

    1. Corporate entry screening is required. All employees shall be screened for body temperature daily before entering the workplace. Employees must wear a face mask throughout the duration of working hours.
    2. We make our employees aware of the need for social distancing and inform them about hygiene measures.
    3. We are maintaining our normal work schedules but have activated our business continuity plan, diversifying the work locations of our employees. With this effort, we fully expect to maintain a consistent level of service for processing customer orders, shipping product and responding to customer needs.
    4. We have suspended travel and have directed our customer facing teams to work via technology as much as possible.

Supply Chain & Lifecycle Management Services

    1. Coordinating with our suppliers, utilities and partners to validate continued service capabilities and research of alternative sources of supply where needed.
    2. Leveraging our global distribution footprint to manage overall inventories and delivery

Giantlok has established processes for ensuring the continuity of business operations to the greatest possible extent. The health and safety of our employees, customers, partners and the communities we operate in remain our first priority and we are working hard to mitigate the risk of COVID-19 infections. We are all in this together, stay safe and stay positive. Together, we can flight against COVID-19.

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