Metal Detectable Cable Ties

Model: GT-MD

-Designed for wiring maintenance and repair application in food processing and pharmaceutical industries–The solution to reducing the risk of contamination from the fallen pieces of plastic cable ties in the production line.

-Comply with FDA requirements and can support HACCP quality assurance

-Magnetic and metal detectable

Material: Metal particles embedded in Polyamide 6,6.Flammability rating – UL94HB

Color: Blue color. Easily visible for naked eyes

Part.No Length
Max.Bundle Dia.
Min. Loop tensile strength
Operating temperature
GT-100M-MD1003.942.50.1220.878.21885° C (185° F)-40° C (-40° F)
GT-150I-MD1505.913.60.14351.3813.73085° C (185° F)-40° C (-40° F)
GT-200ST-MD2007.874.80.19501.9722.65085° C (185° F)-40° C (-40° F)
GT-390ST-MD39015.354.80.191054.1322.65085° C (185° F)-40° C (-40° F)
GT-390HD-S-MD39015.357.60.291084.2554.512085° C (185° F)-40° C (-40° F)

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